Raimond gaita essays on muslims

As Waleed Aly argues "Muslims and Islam are the latest folk devils". Are we going to try to prove over 50 countries wrong? That is, even if no immigrant had ever arrived on our shores, we Australians would still have unanswered and unsettling questions about national identity and the injustices committed against Aboriginals.

I mean, there is indeed "intolerance, militancy or misogyny" in Islam, while the majority Australian culture has indeed worked hard s to develop "tolerance, peacefulness and gender equity".

Raimond Gaita

I have collected the figures here. Essays on Muslims and Multiculturalism. It is one which is the opposite of the experience of all previous immigrant waves, giving lie yet again to assumption Two above.

As such, what we have done as a nation is devalue everything that has already been achieved. We need more conversations, as a nation, about these issues, not less.

While it is true that many words have been written about immigration, religion and terror sincethis collection of six essays could not have arrived at a more important time. Islam is the only religion -- mark this, the only one -- that mandates war against the unbelievers.

Do we really need yet more words written about the consequences of September 11, ? That is, the steady pressure to bring Sharia laws to bear in the west.

Goodness me, as I simply list these out it just makes me shudder and should make all freedom-lovers shudder. Its no-nonsense title, bringing together Muslims and multiculturalism, puts it at the sharp end of the debate over refugees, immigration and the place of migrants in this country.

This would not be a real concern in itself if Sharia had anything positive to add to western liberal law-based democracies. Yet this is not noted in the essay or the review. I pointed that out here. We need more debate, not less. Posted by Peter at It is the second generation who holds a sense of entitlement not to be discriminated against.

The contrast between the ideology of Islam and the majority Aussie culture ought be instructive, not pejorative as Aly makes in. Geoffrey Brahm Levy kicks of the collection with an insightful analysis of the link or lack thereof, as Brahm Levy sees it between multiculturalism and the problem of global terrorism.

Indeed, for people who take their religion seriously, the situation is reversed. Wrong, of course, and they ought to be called on it, rather that having the majority culture again excoriated for alleged "racism" and "discrimination".

It is the Laws of God that are all-encompassing ones and the national laws of the host nation, or any other nation for that matter, that are the minor ones. Among many interesting observations, he [Hage] points out that usually it is not newly arrived migrants who are problematic but their children: If so, what guarantee do we have that we will?Raimond Gaita was born in Germany in He is Emeritus Professor of moral philosophy at Kings College London, and a Professorial fellow at the Melbourne Law School and the faculty of Arts of the University of Melbourne.

My Father, A Common Humanity, The Philosopher’s Dog and Essays on Muslims and Multiculturalism (as editor and. Essays on Muslims & Multiculturalism has 6 ratings and 0 reviews.

September 11 marked a change in Australian attitudes towards immigrants. The spotlight /5(6). May 16,  · Below my review in last Saturday's Canberra Times of a new collection of six essays - each on muslims and multiculturalism, as the title implies - written by some of Australia's greatest thinkers.

The collection is edited by Raimond Gaita and I commend it to you. As I say in my conclusion, we need more books that discuss this. Raimond Gaita (born Raimund Gaita 14 MayDortmund, Germany) is an Australian philosopher and award-winning writer.

He was, untilEssays on Muslims and Multiculturalism (ed.), Melbourne: Text Publishing, Era: Contemporary philosophy.

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Raimond gaita essays on muslims
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